• Audrey Barton

Why buy ethically sourced products?

Ethical Trading Group prides itself in providing its customers with ethically sourced products. Why? Because we care!

Supporting small communities encourages innovation and helps raise awareness of the social and environmental consequences of their actions.

Buying ethically sourced products give you a say in how the products you buy are made!

Help us support disadvantaged and developing communities, through social and environmental sustainability goals, ensuring workers’ rights and developing sustainable businesses.

Buy ethically sourced products from our shop!

So why buy ethically sourced products? Its safe for the environment, it sustains local communities, ensures worker rights and it makes us feel good!

Disclaimer: This is a fictional case study blog designed for Open College students.

Hi, I'm Audrey!

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A blog by Ethical Trading Group about ethically sourced products, sustainable products and fair trade! 


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