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What's so hot about organic coffee beans

Organic coffee beans taste great AND they're better for the environment, making them doubly good for you!

A beautiful blend of fair trade, organic coffee beans offer a smooth, rich, full-bodied experience. Sustainable without pesticides or chemical additives and sourced from all over the world. Enjoy your coffee knowing you have the best in the world.

Rainforest Alliance Certified ✓
Australian Certified Organic ✓
100% Chemical-Free ✓

Here's something I bet you didn't know about coffee: By the late 15th century, coffee shops were everywhere in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul). The drink had become such a huge part of the Turkish culture that, according to legend, a law was created that gave any woman the power to divorce her husband if he neglected to provide her with an adequate amount of coffee. #PowerToTheWomen

You deserve great coffee!

Disclaimer: This is a fictional case study blog designed for Open College students.

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