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Recycled homewares and our environment

Buying recycled products means reducing resources and energy that go into making products from virgin materials. Recycling our waste ultimately reduces the need for mining, conserving raw materials and reducing landfill.

While at home we can feel good about doing our bit and recycling our rubbish, it's the purchase of products made from recycled materials that is often the most neglected part of the recycling process.

According the the Australian Government - Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, in the 2017-18 financial year 3.4million tonnes of plastics were consumed in Australia and only 145,700 tonnes were recycled in Australia.

How do you know if they are recycled homewares?

Sometimes it can be hard to identify if the homewares your lusting over are made fully, or even partially, with recycled products. At Ethical Trading Group we are loud and proud about our Recycled Homewares. Check them out online or in store!

See our range of recycled homewares

Disclaimer: This is a fictional case study blog designed for Open College students.

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